Where can I get the activeCARD Sterzing | Vipiteno?
The activeCARD Sterzing | Vipiteno is not for sale, but is handed out free of charge by the member accomodations of the Tourist Organisation Sterzing Pfitsch Freienfeld.

How is the activeCARD Sterzing | Vipiteno used?
The activeCARD Sterzing | Vipiteno allows free use of many services. To access the various services, just present the activeCARD Sterzing | Vipiteno at the reception of the service used. We also have discounted prices at various partners on different leisure offers. The services can only be used during the period of your vacation stay by the accommodation. The name, surname and period of stay must be indicated on the card.

Period of services and offer
The services offered are linked to the season, the opening hours of the cable cars, the activities and the various partners.

The activeCARD Sterzing | Vipiteno is valid for the duration of the stay and will be given upon arrival.

The activeCARD Sterzing | Vipiteno is personal and can not be transferred to other people. For families and groups: each member will receive his own card. Children under the age of 6 can use the offer free of charge (therefore no card required).

Bicycle transport
Bicycle day ticket: 7€. Bicycles can be taken on regional trains and on designated bus routes if space is available.

Transport of dogs or animals
A ticket must be purchased for dogs: single ticket or Mobilcard Junior 1, 3 or 7 days (starting from 10€). Free of charge: Guide dogs and small animals that can be held in the arm. Muzzles are compulsory!

The operator of the activeCARD Sterzing | Vipiteno assumes no responsibility for the absence or non-functioning of services.