In summer and early autumn they sprout again in large numbers in the forests around Sterzing: various mushrooms such as chanterelles, porcini “boletus”, umbrellas and many other delicious varieties. If you want to pick mushrooms in Sterzing, Pfitsch or Freienfeld, you need a permit from the respective municipality.

For this purpose, some basic rules should be followed:

  • Picking only on even days between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.
  • 1 kg per day and person (over 14 years)
  • The mushrooms must not be damaged at their place of growth
  • Mushrooms must be transported in stiff, open and well ventilated containers (e.g. baskets)

Here you can find the permit for mushroom picking in the municipalities of Sterzing, Pfitsch and Freienfeld. By buying a ticket you will receive a digital permit for picking mushrooms on the selected days, which you can print out or save digitally on your smartphone. In case of a inspection by the forest guard, the document must be shown together with your identity card.