Lake Puntleider (1850 m) near Freienfeld is one of the most beautiful mountain lakes in the Eisack Valley and beyond. The rugged rock faces of the impressive Tatschspitze are reflected on its emerald green water surface. The green meadows around the lake are ideal picnic areas and invite you to have fun or relax. The daring ones can take the plunge into the icy cool water. Regardless of whether you have circled the lake several times or mastered the ascent for the first time, it is a natural spectacle that never ceases to amaze you. The Puntleider See - a popular excursion destination but still an insider tip.

Directions to lake Puntleider

From the parking lot, follow the forest road (no. 15) for a short time and then choose the hiking trail marked no. 14. Mostly steeply up through the forest, over several streams (sometimes without a bridge), it goes uphill. Once you cross the forest road, stay briefly on the road to be able to re-enter the hiking trail. Now the ascent runs along the rushing brook, which makes its way into the valley in a small gorge with water cascades. After just under two hours you reach the lake Puntleider-alpine pasture (1777 m, operational). It's about 20 minutes from the alpine pasture to the lake. The forest path runs through the stone pine forest. Here the efforts of the ascent are quickly forgotten. The climb ends on a rock on the eastern shore of the lake, which immediately gives the hiker a great view of the lake, which is now directly in front of him. Lake Puntleider (1850 m), one of the most beautiful mountain lakes in the southern Wipptal, is framed by conifers, cotton grass and alpine roses in a wide hollow at the foot of the Tatschspitze. The lake is about 230 meters long, 130 meters wide and at its deepest point around 10 meters deep. In a sunny location and initially gently sloping at many of the banks, it is ideal for playing and swimming - at least for four-legged friends. Since the water temperature rarely warms up over ten degrees, it is usually too cold to swim. You can walk around the lake, the best camping spots are on the west bank. The descent takes about one and a half hours on the ascent path or, from the alpine pasture, less steep and less straining on the forest road (more time required)