The mountaincarts are the ultimative fun factor in the Ladurns hiking area. If you believe that cart and mountain doesn’t work, take a look at us. Here you can enjoy a racy descent on the three-wheel vehicle: easy on the joints, exciting, full of action and with full respect of nature and your health.
The carts are not motorized. Neither noise nor exhaust will bother you. The cart run is limited to forest roads, so that everything is in respect and harmony of nature. The low center of gravity increases the stability and the driving pleasure. Safety comes first! Robust wheel rims, hydraulic disc brakes with dual circuit and the common sense are guarantying your safety.

The rental station (Sportservice Erwin Stricker) is right beside the Ladurns valley station. Book your cart under the phone number +39 0472 770 560. Suitable for people of age 14 years or older, people under 14 years can drive accompanied by their parents!
Pure driving fun – the profile
  • 6,5 km from the Ladurner mountain hut to the valley bottom
  • gradient of beetween 3% and 10%
  • 12 turns
  • 1 undercrossing and 2 galleries
  • 20-30 minutes driving fun