Summit tours

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Penserjoch lake and Gänsekragen
Length: 2.0 km
Starting point: Penser Joch joke
Difficulty: easy
Follow the trail 12A by the pass to the Penserjoch lake. Turn right and follow the ascent to the ...
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Saun-Weißspitz-Amthorspitze circular tour
Length: 17.2 km
Starting point: Braunhof Schmuders
Difficulty: quite difficult
Start behind the Braunhof farm and follow the trail 6 upwards to the Saun summit (2062m). Further ...
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Telfer Weissen peak trail
Length: 9.9 km
Starting point: Rosskopf mountain station
Difficulty: difficult
Mountain trail to a panoramic peak over Vipiteno/Sterzing for expert hikers.
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To the Gansör jag
Length: 15.0 km
Starting point: Mauls, Freienfeld
Difficulty: quite difficult
By the small sports field in Mauls for about 1,5 km along the street, than on the left side along ...
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To the Gliederscharte
Length: 9.5 km
Starting point: 3rd turn Pfitscherjoch road
Difficulty: quite difficult
By the 3rd turn following the trail 1 to the mountain huts and furtheron on the right trail (mark ...
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To the Grabspitz summit
Length: 11.6 km
Starting point: Platz, Pfitschtal
Difficulty: difficult
By the Platz village along trail 11 steep upwards through the forest to the stony hillsides. ...
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