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From the Penserjoch to the Flagger jag
Length: 18.9 km
Starting point: Penser Joch joke
Difficulty: quite difficult
Follow the trail 14B along the crest by the Penserjoch pass. Passing the Astenberg and along trail ...
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From the Prantneralm to the Amthorspitze
Length: 12.2 km
Starting point: Prantneralm parking lot
Difficulty: quite difficult
By the Prantneralm parking lot following the forestal road (mark 3) to the Riedberg mountain hut. ...
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From Trens to the Höllenkragen
Length: 12.2 km
Starting point: Maria Trens
Difficulty: quite difficult
From Maria Trens follow trail 5 upwards to the farms in Partinges, further on trail 5 passing by ...
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From Tulfer to the Höllenkragen summit
Length: 9.5 km
Starting point: Tulfer, Pfitsch valley
Difficulty: quite difficult
Start in the Tulfer hamlet along trail 5, upwards through the forest to the Fluigenalm mountain hut ...
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From Wiesen to the Höllenkragen
Length: 19.6 km
Starting point: Wiesen Comunal Park
Difficulty: difficult
By the Comunal Park following trail 24 upwards through the wood to the Gschließegg panoramic point. ...
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Monte Cavallo/Rosskopf peak
Length: 3.5 km
Starting point: Monte Cavallo/Rosskopf mountain station
Difficulty: easy
Easy summit tour for everyone: children, Seniors and inexperienced hikers.
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