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From Schmuders to the Hühnerspielhütte
Length: 9.9 km
Starting point: Braunhof Schmuders
Difficulty: quite difficult
Start by the 4th turn after Schmuders on trail 3 in direction Weißspitz summit until to the ...
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From St. Jakob to the Europahütte
Length: 14.0 km
Starting point: St. Jakob
Difficulty: quite difficult
Start by the parking lot in St. Jakob in direction village centre, passing by the parrish church ...
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From Stein to Pfitscherhoch lakes
Length: 9.1 km
Starting point: Stein
Difficulty: quite difficult
From Stein on trail 3 upwards through the wood and then on the steep serpentines passing the ...
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From Sterzing to the Rosskopf plateau
Length: 10.8 km
Starting point: Sterzing Nordpark
Difficulty: quite difficult
By the Nordpark parking lot along the Via Pineta and furtheron on trail 19 over Raminges or trail ...
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From Stilves to Burgstall
Length: 2.1 km
Altitude: 230 m
Starting point: Stilves/Stilfes
Difficulty: easy
Easy hiking tour through the wooden hills by Stilves/Stilfes. Along the road to Novale ...
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From Vipiteno to Colle Isarco
Length: 6.0 km
Altitude: 108 m
Starting point: Rosskopf valley station
Difficulty: easy
Start by the Rosskopf valley station and over the Isarco river to the Hotel Maibad. Passing the ...
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