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The Holy Cross Parish in Wiesen
Prati/Wiesen - 39049 Prati/Wiesen
The fi rst written testimony of the Holy Cross Parish in Wiesen is dated 1337. The Church is said to have been reconsecrated in 1434. The frescoes on ...
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The Church of St. Elisabeth at the Palace of the Teutonic Order
Via della Commenda/Deutschhausstraße - 39049 Vipiteno/Sterzing
The octagonal construction was built according to a project by Giuseppe Delai between 1729 and 1733, on the site of an older chapel. Matthäus Günther ...
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Parrish church of St. James
S. Giacomo - 39049 Val di Vizze/Pfitsch
The church was built between 1821 and 1824 under the supervision of Jakob Prantl. The frescoes were created by the local painter Josef Renzler in ...
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Reifenstein Castle
Pruno/Elzenbaum - 39049 Campo di Trens/Freienfeld
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Castel Tasso is a castle situated southwest of Vipiteno/Sterzing, on a towering rocky hill. Guided tours: The castle is only accessible to visitors ...
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Castle Pietra/Sprechenstein
Castel Pietra/Sprechenstein 1 A - 39040 Campo di Trens/Freienfeld
The castle is located in a higher position than Reifenstein Castle to the southeast of Sterzing; it belonged to the Trautson family and is made up of ...
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The Church of Our Lady of Sorrows in St. Jakob
St. Jakob - 39049 S. Giacomo/St. Jakob
The first testimony of this gothic construction is dated 1577. In 1789 a barrel vault ceiling decorated with rough frescoes was built. The modern-day ...
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