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St. Antonius church
S. Antonio - 39041 Colle Isarco/Gossensass
The church was first mentioned in 1418. The actual building was erected beetween 1880-1888 in the Romanesque style.
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The Holy Ghost Hospital church
City Square - 39049 Vipiteno/Sterzing
The church was built in 1399. In the nave are late Gothik-style frescos (1402) of the Southtyrolien painter Hans von Bruneck, which demonstrate the ...
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Parish Church Mary Immaculate Conception
Piazza Ibsen - 39041 Colle Isarco/Gossensass
The parish church Mary Immaculate Conception was constructed based on the drafts of Franz de paula Penz and consacrated in 1754.
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St. Magdalena Church
Via Giovo/Jaufenstrasse 1 - 39040 Racines/Ratschings
Open hours
Mo 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
The Gothic church was built in 1480 by the Schneeberg miners and equipped with a precious altarpiece by Matthias Stöberl.
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St. Valentin parrish church
Brennero - 39041 Colle Isarco/Gossensass
This church was probably built on a Romanic construction. Venantius Fortunatus, a poet and the bishop of Poitiers, wrote in the year 565 in a travel ...
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The Church of St. Magdalene of the Capuchin
Frundsbergstraße - 39049 Vipiteno/Sterzing
The first stone was laid for this simple, typical construction of the Capuchin in 1636 and the Church was consecrated just one year later. The ...
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